School Boards

The School Committee is an elected board which represents the interests of the community in governing the operations of the towns of SAU 23. Members provide their services to the community and are re-elected every three years.

With every student’s educational welfare as the topmost priority, the committee is responsible for:

To fulfill and support these functions, the School Committee actively listens and partners with the School Community and District Educational Leaders, sets discussion topics through meeting agendas, reviews material presented by the Superintendent’s office, seeks clarifications, serves on a variety of sub-committees and acts as liaison to many local organizations.

The Committee's decisions influence the course of education in our schools for years to come. The Committee and each of its members looks to the future and to the needs of all people. This requires a comprehensive perspective and long-range planning in addition to attention to immediate problems. It is to be noted that the authority of the school committee comes from the body, not from any particular individual.

The Committee seeks public engagement and feedback in its governance. There is an opportunity for the public to provide comments at every meeting.  Please review the calendar below to see times and locations of School Committee meetings.

Board Policies 

One of the School Committee's areas of responsibilities includes the development and approval of policies that guide all district operations.  The SAU 23 Committee's considers parent and staff feedback, the law, and guidance of administrators in the process of policy development, and often considers policy drafts during two or three meetings before approving a policy.

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Board Members

The School Committees welcomes your input. Please see members' contact information below.  Also note that the Committee holds public meetings monthly, and residents are invited to participate during the "public participation" section of the agenda. 

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