Classroom Apps

SAU23 LIBGUIDE -- A LibGuide constructed by Ellen Hume Howard of NHLI designed specially for SAU23 -- pw-haverhill

NH PACE TASK BANK -- Private to PACE Tier 1 and Tier 2 Schools

See your building administrator for password

Discovery Education --Provides standards-based K-12 digital content through a variety of resources and multi-media content. SAU 23 subscribes to this invaluable resource. If you do not have a DE account you may request one by submitting a request through Mojo. If you have an account, but do not remember your password, go to DE and select "forgot username and password," enter your school email and select "Send verification email." If this does not work, submit a Mojo ticket.

FlipGrid -- Recommended by WHS Science Department!

Freckle -- An on-line adaptive interface that provides common core math curriculum K-8. HCMS subscribes to Freckle for math, ELA, and Social Studies.

IXL -- A subscription-based immersive K-12 learning interface that provides (common core) standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies. This program is used by HCMS for math and ELA enrichment and intervention.

Kahoot -- A free game-based learning platform for teachers and students. Create a game using any curricula content and invite students to join. Provides immediate feedback for teachers and students.

Moby Max -- An online resource that offers free math and reading content for grades K-8. Lessons are common core aligned and MobyMax is upgradable by subscription to the Pro version. This program is used by WES for math enrichment and intervention.

MathSpace -- An on-line adaptive math curriculum that provides real-time feedback and instruction to students, as well as performance tasks (non-electronic), which was piloted at the three Haverhill schools in the Spring of 2018 and at HCMS in 2019. This program, which is aligned to CCSS for grades 3 – PreCalculus, is intended as a curriculum enhancement, not as a stand alone curriculum / math class. WES third grade piloted with an enrichment / intervention group and a whole class; HCMS piloted with enrichment groups as well as with 6th-8th grade math classes.

Mystery Science -- Mystery Science (some of you know Mystery Doug too) is a K-5 NGSS aligned on-line Science Program. Each mystery is presented through a video, a pause for discussion, an opportunity for students to investigate the mystery, and a follow up with a closing video. SAU 23 is considering purchasing Mystery Science for all K-5 Science teachers for the 2018-2019 school year. In the meantime, sign up for a free trial and give us some feedback!

Getting Started - Mystery Science

The Reading and Writing Project -- Check out this site for performance tasks and rubrics!