Curriculum Advisory Committee

The Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) mission is to support the academic achievement of all students by providing input on the phases of curriculum development, review, and renewal. Members promote academic achievement by evaluating and recommending curriculum options on behalf of students, parents, teachers, and the community.

The Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) is a standing committee of the school district, conducting regular meetings and engaging in tasks that promote the academic goals and objectives of School Administrative Unit 23. The purpose of the CAC is to function effectively in a role of program management within the School Administrative Unit 23 and to assume a leadership role in a variety of efforts directed toward the improvement of teaching and learning in the district.

If you have any questions, please contact Erik Erickson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, at (603) 787-2113 ext 117 or

Current CAC Evaluation Criteria

  • Is there a clear statement of philosophy or mission?

  • Are the goals and objectives based on the SAU goals and objectives?

  • Is there a scope and sequence chart?

  • Are suggested resources included?

  • Are teaching and learning activities included?

  • Is there a system of assessing student progress?

  • Is it a curriculum for all?

  • Does it respond to the needs of each student?

  • Can it be achieved?

  • Does it reflect recent developments and contemporary ideas / research in this field?

  • Does it show the curriculum is in alignment to NH frameworks of national standards?

A list of resources which are helping the CAC become more focused on a curriculum cycle that reflects the Written, Taught, and Assessed Curriculum

Andrew Porter - Curriculum Assessment

Richard DuFour - What is a "Professional Learning Community"?

Richard DuFour and Robert Marzano - Leaders of Learning

Robert Marzano - Classroom Instruction that Works