Board Policies

One of the School Committee's areas of responsibilities includes the development and approval of policies that guide all district operations. The SAU 23 Committee's considers parent and staff feedback, the law, and guidance of administrators in the process of policy development, and often considers policy drafts during two or three meetings before approving a policy.

Section B - Board Governance & Foundation

BA Board Operational Goals

BAA Evaluation of Board Operational Procedures

BB Board Legal Status

BBA School Board Powers and Duties

BBAA Board Member Authority

BBB Term of Office

BBBA Board Member Qualifications

BBBC Board Member Resignation

BBBD Board Member Removal from Office

BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment

BBBH SAU #23 ByLaws

BCA School Board Member Ethics

BCB Board Member Conflicts of Interest

BDA Board Organizational Meeting

BDB Board Officers

BDD Board Superintendent Relations

BDF School Board Advisory Committees

BDG School Attorney

BDH Consultants

BEA Regular Meetings

BEB Special Meetings

BEC Non-Public Sessions

BEDB Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

BEDC Quorum

BEDD Rules of Order

BEDF Voting Method

BEDG Minutes

BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings

BEDI News Media Services at Board Meetings

BF School Board Work Sessions

BFE Administration in Policy Absence

BG Board Policy Development

BGA Policy Development System

BGB Policy Adoption

BGC Policy Revision and Review

BGD Board Review of Administrative Rules

BGE Policy Communication Feedback/Dissemination

BGF Suspension/Repeal of Policies

BHC BoardStaff Communications

BHE School Board Use of Email

BHE-R Email Retention Policy

BIA New Board Member Orientation

BIB Board Member Development Opportunities

BIBA Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

BID Payment for Services Rendered by School District Officers

BIDR Compensation and Expenses

BIE Board Member Indemnification

BJ Board Legislative Involvement

BK School Board Memberships

BKA Liaison with School Board’s Association

Section E - Support Services

EA Support Services Goals

EB Safety Program

EBA Building and Grounds Inspections

EBAA Reporting of Hazards

EBAB Hazardous Material

EBBB Accident Reports

EBBBF Initial Accident Report Form

EBBC First Aid

EBBCR First Aid Procedures

EBBCE First Aid Directions

EBC Emergency Plans

EBCF Emergency Plans Checklist

EBCB Fire Drills

EBCC Bomb Threats

EBCD Emergency Closing

EBCD-R Activity/Sports Cancellation

EBCDA Delayed Opening

EC Buildings and Grounds Management

ECA Buildings and Grounds Security

ECA-F Release of Liability

ECAB Access to Buildings

ECAC Vandalism

ECB Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

ECBR Buildings and Grounds Maintenance –Repairs

ECC Building and Grounds Records and Reports

ECE Traffic and Parking Controls

ECEA Off Highway Recreational Vehicles

ECF Energy and Water Conservation

ECFR Energy Conservation-Operational Procedures

ECG Heating

ECH Indoor Air Quality

ED Equipment and Supplies Management

EDB Equipment Maintenance

EDC Authorized Use of School Owned Materials and Equipment

EDCB Acceptable Use Policy

EDCB-A Faculty/Staff Acceptable Use Policy

EDCB-F Student Acceptable Use Form

EE Student Transportation Management

EEA Student Transportation Services

EEAC School Bus Scheduling (Parent Request)

EEAE School Bus Safety Program

EEAEA Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers

EEAEAF School Bus Safety Program

EEAEB School Bus Maintenance

EEAF Special Use of School Buses

EEAI Student Transportation Records and Reports

EEBA School Owned Vehicles

EEBB Use of Private Vehicles on School Business

EEBD Business and Personnel Transportation Records and Reports

EF Food Services Management

EFC Free and Reduced Price Lunch Policy

EFE Vending Machines

EFG Lunch Charge Policy (Haverhill)

EFH Sanitation Inspections

EFI Food Service Records and Reports

EGAD Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

EH Data Management

EHAA Computer Security, E-Mail and Internet Communications

EHAB Data Governance and Security

EHB Data/Records Retention

EHB-R Data/Records Retention Appendix

EI Risk Management

EIA Property Insurance

EIB Liability Insurance

Section G - Personnel

GA Personnel Policies Goals

GBA Equal Opportunity Employment

GBAA Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBBA Open Shop Policy

GBBA/B/C-R SAU #23 Employees


GBCD Background Investigation & Criminal Records Check

GBD Board-Staff Communications

GBE Staff Responsibilities

GBER Staff Responsibilities

GBEA Staff Ethics

GBEAA Nepotism

GBEB Staff Conduct

GBEBA Staff-Student Conduct and Boundaries

GBEBB Staff-Student Relations

GBEBC Staff Gifts and Solicitation

GBEC Alcohol and DrugFree Workplace

GBEF School Internet Access for Staff

GBEF-F Internet Acceptable Use for Staff Signature Sheet

GBF Staff Funds Management

GBG Staff Protection

GBGA Staff Health

GBH Staff Participation in Community Activities

GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBJ Personnel Records

GBK-R Staff Complaints and Grievances

GBKF Staff Complaint Form

GCA Professional & Support Staff Positions

GCAR Professional Staff Position Responsibilities and Duties of a Teacher

GCB Professional Staff Contracts

GCCAC Maternity Leave

GCBDB Jury Duty

GCCAD Military Leave

GCCBC Family and Medical Leave Act

GCCBD Workers Compensation

GCE Professional Staff Recruiting

GCF Professional Staff Hiring

GCG Part time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment

GCGR Arrangement for Professional Staff Substitutes

GCH Professional Staff Orientation

GCI Professional Staff Development

GCID Professional Staff Activities

GCK Professional Staff Assignments & Transfers

GCL Professional Staff Time Schedule

GCMC Staff Workload and Meetings

GCMD Professional Staff Extra Duty

GCNA Supervision of Professional Staff

GCO Teacher Evaluation Procedure

GCP Professional and Support Staff-Promotion/Demotion

GCQ Professional Staff Termination of Employment

GCQA Reduction in Force

GCQC Resignation of Professional Staff Member

GCQE Retirement of Professional Staff Members

GCR Non-school Employment by Staff Members

GCRC Consulting

GCRD Tutoring for Pay

GCS Professional Research and Publishing

GCT Exchange Teaching

GCU Professional Organizations

GD Support Staff

GDB Support Staff Letters of Agreement

GDBD Health Insurance for Retired Employees

GDE Support Staff Recruiting

GDF Support Staff Hiring

GDG Part-time and Substitute Support Staff Employment

GDGA Hiring and Evaluation of Coaches

GDGB Rate of Pay for Support Staff Substitutes

GDH Support Staff Orientation

GDI Support Staff Probation

GDJ Support Staff Assignment and Transfers

GDK Support Staff Time Schedules

GDM Support Staff Development Opportunities

GDN Supervision of Support Staff

GDO Evaluation of Support Staff

GDQ Support Staff Termination of Employment

GDQB Resignation of Support Staff Members

Section I - Instruction

IA Curriculum Philosophy and Mission Statement

IAB Video and Audio Recording in School Classrooms

IB Academic Freedom

IC School Year/School Calendar

IF Instructional Approach

IGA Curriculum Development

IGA-R Curriculum Goals & Objectives

IGAJ Driver Education

IGC Pilot Projects & Evaluation

IGD Curriculum Adoption

IGE Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

IHAD Occupational Education

IHAE Physical Education

IHAM Health Education

IHAMA Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

IHAMB Family Life and Sex Education

IHAMB-R Family Life and Sex Education Regulations

IHAR Moral/Ethical Education

IHBA Programs for Handicapped Students

IHBB Gifted & Talented IHBB-R Gifted & Talented Program Description

IHBLA Pregnant and Married Students

IHBF Homebound Education Instruction for Hospitalized Students

IHBG Home Education Instruction

IHBG-R Administrative Procedure to Accompany Policy IHBG For Home Education

Participation in Haverhill Cooperative School District Activities

IHBH Extended Learning Opportunities

IHBH-R Extended Learning Opportunities Procedures

IHBBA Limited English Proficiency Instruction

IHBBA –F Parent Notification Form

IHBBA-R Compliance Plan for English Language Learners

IHCA Summer School Credit

IHCD Advanced Placement Courses

IHCF Correspondence Courses

IIA Grouping for Instruction

IIB Class Size

III Independent Study

IIJ Individual Help

IJ Selection of Instructional Materials

IJJ Textbook Selection and Adoption

IJK Supplementary Material Selection and Adoption

IJL Library Materials Selection Adoption

IJL-R Library Materials Selection Adoption –Book Selection Criteria & Procedures

IJM Special Interest Materials and Adoption

IJNDB Student Computer and Internet Use

IJNDB-R Student Computer and Internet Rules

IJO Community Resources

IJOA Field Trips and Excursions

IJOA-R Request for Education Field Trip

IJOAA Field Trip Insurance Considerations

IJOAA-F School Activities Volunteer Consent & Release Form

IJOAA-R Field Trips and Excursions

IJOB Community Resource Persons

IJOC School Volunteers

IJOC-F Volunteer Approval Form

IK Academic Achievement

IKA Grading System

IKAA Final Examinations

IKAB Student Progress Reports to Parents

IKACA Parent Conferences

IKACB Student Conferences

IKB Homework

IKBR Homework Guidelines

IKC Class Rank

IKE Student Placement Promotion and Retention of Students

IKEA Acceleration

IKF High School Graduation Policy

IKFA Early Graduation Policy

IKFB Graduation of Handicapped Students

IL Special Education Evaluations Policy

IL-R Determination of a Specific Learning Disability

ILA Test Selection and Adoption

ILB Use and Dissemination of Test Results

ILBA Assessment of Educational Programs

ILBAA School Graduation Competencies

ILC Evaluation of Instructional Programs (also AFE)

IMA Teaching Methods

IMB Teaching About Controversial Issues

IMBA Online or Virtual Education

IMBB High School Credit 7th and 8th Grade Coursework

IMBC Alternative Credit Options

IMC Controversial Speakers

IMD School Ceremonies and Observances

IMDA Patriotic Exercises

IME Assemblies

IMF School Fairs

IMG Animals in School

IMG-R Service Animals in SAU #23

IMG-F Service Animal Registration Form

IMH Class Interruptions

Section J - Students

JA Student Policies Goals

JB Equal Educational Opportunities

JBAA Sexual Harassment - Students

JBAB Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

JBAB-R Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students Procedure

JD School Census

JEB Entrance Age

JEC Manifest Educational Hardship - Haverhill

JFAA Admission of Resident Students

JFAA-F Residency Statement

JFAA-R Admission of Postsecondary Students

JFAB Admission of Nonresident and Tuition Students

JFAB-R Admission of Children of Non-Resident Professional Staff

JFABA Exchange Programs – Haverhill

JFABD Admission of Homeless Students

JFB High School Tuition Policy – Piermont

High School Tuition Policy – Warren

JFC Student Withdrawal from School

JG Assignment of Students to Classes

JH Attendance, Absenteeism & Truancy

JH-R Woodsville High School Attendance Policy

JH-F Released Time Parent Request Form

JHAC Teaching About Religion

JHB Truancy

JHBB Student Attendance Accounting

JHC Student Dismissal Precautions

JHC-A Released Time for Students (College Visitation – Haverhill)

JI Student Rights and Responsibilities

JIB Student Involvement in Decision Making

JIC Student Conduct

JICA Student Dress Code

JICB Care of School Property by Students

JICC Student Conduct on School Buses

JICC-R Bus Rules and Regulations

JICD Student Discipline and Due Process

JICDAA Staff Student Relations

JICE Student Publications

JICFA Anti-Hazing

JICG Tobacco/Nicotine Products Ban

JICH Student Alcohol Use/Drug Abuse

JICH-R Student Alcohol Use/Drug Abuse Regulations

JICI Weapons on School Property

JICL Internet Access for Students

JICL-R Internet Use Procedures for Students

JICK Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention - Bullying

JIE Pregnant and Married Students

JIH Student Searches and Their Property

JII Student Complaints and Grievances

JIJ Student Demonstrations and Strikes

JJ Sports and Extracurricular Participation Policy

JJA Student Activities & Organization

JJB Student Social Events

JJBA Student Government

JJC Student Performances

JJE Student Fund Raising Activities

JJF Student Activities Funds Management

JJG Contests for Students

JJIA Intramural Athletics

JJIB Interscholastic Athletics – Haverhill & Piermont

JK Student Discipline

JK-R Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities

JKA Corporal Punishment

JKAA Use of Child Restraint & Seclusion

JKAA-R Procedures on Use of Child Restraint & Seclusion

JKB Detention of Students

JKD Suspension and Expulsion

JKD-R Student Suspension and Expulsion

JKDA Suspension from School and Make-up Work

JKDB In School Suspension

JLA Student Insurance Program

JLA-R Interscholastic Athletics Student Accident Insurance

JLC Student Health Services and Requirements

JLCA Physical Examination of Students

JLCB Immunization of Students

JLCC Chronic Infectious Disease

JLC-R Management of Body Fluids

JLCCA Pediculosis (Head Lice)

JLCD Administering Medicines to Students

JLCD-R Administering Medicines to Students - Guidelines

JLCD-F Administering Medicines to Students – Parental Request Form

JLCDA Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor

JLCDA-F Consent for Emergency Treatment Form

JLCDB Student Accidents and Accident Reports

JLCE Emergency Care and First Aid

JLCF Wellness Policy

JLCJ Concussions & Head Injury

JLCK Special Physical Health Needs of Students

JLD Guidance Program

JLDBA Behavior Management and Intervention

JLDBB Suicide Prevention and Response

JLF Reporting Child Abuse

JLI School Safety and Administrative Procedure

JLIA Supervision of Students

JLIAA Chaperones

JLIE Student Automobile Use

JM Student Awards and Scholarships

JO Employment of Students

JP Student Gifts and Solicitation

JQ Student Charges

JRA Student Records and Access

JRA-R Student Records Definitions

SAU #23 Safety Policy